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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Northampton Saints endorse the ScrumTruk

Northampton Saints Performance Coach Tim Exeter
Premiership club Northampton Saints pioneered the use of the ScrumTruk in the U.K. Performance Coach Tim Exeter installed two ScrumTruks prior to the 2005-2006 season. Exeter, a former Scotland A centre, worked in strength and conditioning with West Bromwich Albion FC, Coventry FC and Portsmouth FC, before coming back to rugby with Richmond RFC from 1997 to 1999 then joining the Saints in 2001 where his innovatory approach has revolutionised the performance department.

Tim Exeter credits the ScrumTruk with helping to improve the Saints' scrum performance:

The addition of ScrumTruk has enhanced our training. It is position specific and gives better transfer than traditional exercises. It helps de-load the lumbar spine which traditionally is restricted post match for some days. We mix in with some traditional exercises and this helps give the necessary variety and stimulation to the players. We have adapted exercises using double leg, single leg and walking up and back and found functional improvements in strength and stability and the players like it!"
Tom Smith, Saints, Scotland and Lions front row forward

The ScrumTruk also receives strong endorsement from Tom Smith, who says: "I have found ScrumTruk invaluable as a tool to improve strength specifically related to scrimmaging whilst reducing the impact on lower back and shoulders." A world class prop, Smith, who has been a Saints player since 2001, was a 61-cap veteran with Scotland, as well as playing 6 back-to-back tests on the last two Lions tours.

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