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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The MyoTruk replaces the ScrumTruk in the MyoQuip range

MyoQuip is proud to announce the release of the MyoTruk, the second release in our Myo range of strength equipment embodying direct-linkage force transmission through heavy-duty industrial bearings.

The MyoTruk replaces the ScrumTruk, the first and only rugby-specific strength machine. The ScrumTruk has proven effective in safely enhancing the strength, power and body mass of rugby players, both backs and forwards, as well as athletes in other sports. Unlike most variable resistance machines the ScrumTruk was designed for complex, multi-joint and large muscle mass movement.

In rugby the ScrumTruk has been adopted by the Wallabies; Emirates Western Force; HSBC Waratahs; Queensland Reds; Auckland Blues; Northampton Saints; Sharks; Golden Lions and other leading clubs and schools.

Already its successor, the MyoTruk, has been adopted by the CA Brumbies; the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS); and Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

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Nursedude said...

Boy, it would be great to have something like that here in the states-I usually just use a swiss ball to stimulate the "Engage" movement when I prop.

Bruce Ross said...

ND, I can't wait to get our machines over there, and not just for rugby scrummaging. Every sport that uses the barbell squat for strength development could benefit enormously from using the MyoTruk and MyoThrusta. The thought of breaking into your American football market makes me salivate.

We're working on gaining a presence in your country.