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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

At last! A dominant Wallaby scrum

Aussie aficionados of trench-warfare rugby will enjoy the video, "Wallabies scrums from Twickenham video highlights" posted on Green and Gold Rugby - THE Aussie Rugby Blog.

It's been a long time between drinks for the Aussie engine room, and great to see them vindicated after the bagging they copped pre-game from the English press and frontrowers. Considering the improved scrummaging on this tour, perhaps the fact that the Wallabies and all four Australian Super 14 franchises use the ScrumTruk is beginning to pay dividends.

Still one egg doesn't make an omelette, and the Green and Golds have to show they can do it again against the French this weekend. I am not sure that the English front row, Andy Sheridan in particular, are going to be in too good a shape to back up again against the Springboks.


Nursedude said...

I think what really impressed me most with the scrum and front row play was the Wallaby's explosive first movement-they looked like they were exploding faster and harder on the Engage command.

Bruce Ross said...

Yes, the Wallabies are definitely getting a very quick and positive engagement on this tour, so much so that the All Blacks were reduced to backing off in Hong Kong. Unfortunately they conned the referee into penalising the Wallabies for early engagement.

The follow-up video that Matt posted on the Green and Gold site was the one that blew me away. On the feed Robinson had his shoulders right under Vickery's chest and was receiving awesome weight from behind - a front rower's dream.

In 50 years time he'll still be boring his grand kids talking about it.