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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Benn Robinson popping Phil Vickery in the scrum

I know it's impolite to gloat and tempting the fates for an Australian to boast about Wallaby scrummaging but the Green and Gold Rugby blog site has the most extraordinary footage of the Wallabies tearing apart the English pack and in particular Benn Robinson turning Phil Vickery inside out. The sequence cycles endlessly in the post, Robinson smashes Vickery showing very clearly the delivery of force from the players behind the dominant prop.

It is the most wonderful feeling when you are the 'popper' and both humiliating and often frightening when you are the 'poppee'. I don't know whether that's a word but it is now.


Westy said...

the worst thing about gloating after the English match was suffering during the scrum that led to the penalty try in the French match.

hear's hoping the restored front line of Al, Steve and Benn can pull it out again on the weekend.


Bruce Ross said...

I agree, Westy, and I was apprehensive when Robbie Deans changed the front row immediately after the Wallabies had got it right for the first time in years. Before the French game I went back and had another look at our scrum against the Italians. It was nothing to get excited about.

Against the French the wheel was anti-clockwise suggesting that Ben Alexander was under pressure. To be torn apart like we were in the scrum leading to the penalty try is inexcusable. It demonstrated a lack of commitment that was obviously not confined to the front row.

I don't believe that we can afford the luxury of rotating front rowers in Tests just to give someone experience.